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Athabasca Summer

Hutterite White Duck Down Duvet

Approximate Duvet Dimensions
Approximate Fill (oz.)
Retail Price
67" X 90"
88" X 90"
98" X 94"
112" X 94"
Super King
125" X 102"

Fill: Canadian Hutterite White Duck Down, 800 CU Loft (Fill Power)

Shell: 100% Combed Cotton Sateen, 385 Thread Count Down-Proof Ticking

Athabasca duvets are made from the highest quality Canadian Hutterite White Duck down. These northern ducks are large mature birds, giving their down two important characteristics: strength and loft. When compared with White Goose Down, this is a more affordable option because of supply and demand. Many more ducks are raised than geese. Our Hutterite White Duck Down at 800 fill power is higher in quality than many goose down products on the market today.

Summer construction is a lighter weight option for all season use. The front and back ticking is sewn through forming channels without baffles, while still allowing for proper loft of the down.

Finishing: Crisp white sateen shell is finished with double stitching and satin piping. Corner loops allow duvet to be attached to duvet cover.

Down is the most efficient natural insulator; offering the properties of warmth, lightness, airiness and breathability. The natural down filling in all our duvets has been sterilized and sanitized in Canada with an antimicrobial process to eliminate bacteria, rendering it hypoallergenic and durable. It has been laboratory tested and exceeds all Canadian and International cleanliness standards.

The strength of down determines how long it will last before breaking into filaments. Only strong down from mature birds will last for up to 20 years with proper care. Lesser quality down from immature birds will result in a flat, lifeless duvet.

Loft or fill power is measured by the number of cubic inches filled by an ounce of down. The higher the loft, the less down by weight is required to fill the same space, thereby making for a lighter duvet. Our Hutterite down is separated from feathers during processing, to a down purity of 90%, exceeding the industry standard of 75%.